Saturday, 23 November 2013

BJSC Swimming Gala parts 2 and 3

So, on 15 November I only swam two races:

(1) Girls 4x1 individual medley (12/13/14 year-olds): I came third (after a disqualification) with split times of 36''77, 39''28, 41''19 and 36''73 giving a time total of 2'33''73 compared to a club record of 1'49''03 set in 1982.

(2) 12-year-old girls 1 length (33m) breaststroke: I came third again with a time of 32''50.

I decided not to swim 3 lengths (100m) butterfly, even though I had done it the previous week unofficially to support Sophie.

Yesterday the Sánchez family swam four races:

(1) 12-year-old girls 1 length backstroke: I came fourth :( with a time of ~32''.

(2) Straight after the interval was the dad's 1 length freestyle race.  Guess who won?  Papá!  With probably a club record of less the 19'', but we will have to wait for official confirmation of the results.

(3) 12/13/14 year-old girls 3 lengths freestyle.  Again I came fourth with a time of 1'41''91.

(4) 12/13/14 year-old girls 6 length breaststroke.  Three girls had entered this race, but one of them Jade Hogarth hadn't turned up and Niamh had gone home early so I was the only one left.  This meant that I had guaranteed trophy, so I was overjoyed.  I was put with the boys.  The race started.  After one or two lengths I seriously had to blow my nose: everything was coming out.  On the third length I had a plan: to get to the wall and quickly wipe my nose and keep swimming.  The race finished wonderfully, beating two of the boys with a time of 4'03'' (split times of 34''21+39''82+43''50+42''51+43''50+39''48).  When I got out of the pool one of the coaches smiled at me and asked me "what did you do wrong?"  All of a sudden my stomach turned.  He took me over to Jeff and Richard and they told me that when I wiped my nose I messed up the turn by not touching with two hands which meant I was disqualified.  After this I looked at them all puppy-eyed and turned away and started crying.  Upstairs mum and dad and everyone just kept saying it was all right and that I swam fantastically.  When Jane was awarding the trophies I guess Richard and Jeff took pitty on me (I was in a cubicle crying, so I don't know what happened), but they gave me the trophy.  

I thanked them and went home to wait for my uncle Simon and Joy.Went to bed past mid night.


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